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Build strength. Feel healthier. Look better. Gain confidence. Maximize your performance. At Cutting Edge Sports Training, we help you do it all.

Experience an athletic training system like no other. Here, we teach you how to warm up, lift, run, recover, condition, and put it all together into a training program that is designed for you, so you can meet your specific fitness goals.

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Cutting Edge Sports Training in Clarence, NY
They say your body is your temple, but not every gym treats it like one. At our state-of-the-art facility in Clarence, NY, we teach you how to get stronger while taking care of your body. It’s not about lifting weights until you drop. It’s about conditioning your muscles, fueling your body with proper nutrition, and recovering the right way so your body can improve each and every week.

From children to young professionals to pro-athletes to senior citizens, we work with all types of people. We meet you where you are, designing a custom program that helps you achieve your best self. Whether you want to run a 5K or a marathon, lift 20 pounds or 200, or improve your swing or your shot, you can trust us to help you get there.

Strength Training at Cutting Edge Sports Training in Clarence, NY
Speed training at Cutting Edge Sports Training in Clarence, NY
Power training at Cutting Edge Sports Training in Clarence, NY
Cutting Edge Sports Training facility in Clarence, NY

Meet Our Team

Joseph DiPietro, Cutting Edge Sports Training in Clarence, NY

Joseph DiPietro


  • Completed Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 mentorship programs at Athletes Performance. AP is world-renowned for its training and educational programs. Mentored with Mark Verstegen, CEO and Director of Athletes Performance
  • Also mentored with Luke Richesson, the 2013 NFL Strength Coach of the Year (Denver Broncos)
  • Mentored Nick Winkelman, a Ph.D. and head of Athletic Performance and Science for Irish Rugby League
  • Daemen College faculty member for sports performance (2005-present)
  • Previous Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Buffalo Bandits NLL
  • National Pitching Coach Certified, mentored with Tom House – MLB pitcher for 10 years
  • USA Track & Field Certified

We Get Results.
Our Clients Prove It.

“Joseph DiPietro has trained me over the past several months at Cutting Edge Fitness. During this time, I have been exposed to an eclectic array of knowledge regarding fitness. In addition to the wealth of knowledge, Joseph has also offered inspiration for my fitness goals and a clear direction of how to reach them. Although I do not refer to myself as a fitness professional, I have had years of experience as a United States Marine and over 25 years of experience within law enforcement. I truly didn’t believe I would be able to see the results I have seen or being the overall good shape that I am in today. It has been refreshing and encouraging to cross paths with Joseph – a great person and a great trainer.”

– Al W.
“I started training with Joseph, to prepare for an upcoming MMA fight. The results I received from working with him helped me tremendously throughout the fit and I ended up winning in the second round by TKO! His training helped me with my strength both inside and outside the cage. I needed to cut weight for the fight, and I found that the diet plan that he had me on along with the training made it easy for me to cut the weight without feeling drained. This is something I had always struggled with until I started training at Cutting Edge and with Joseph. I can confidently say that from here on out, I won’t go in the cage without his training and knowledge.”

– Joe G.
“When I was getting closer to 50 I realized I needed to start working with weights. I started working out with Joe 7 years ago and I’m so grateful I did. He is one of the most compassionate and caring people I know. He pushes me, but also knows my limit. He has helped me physically and mentally. My outlook on health and fitness has changed so much since going to Joe. He is an outstanding person and trainer! Since I have been training with Joe, I haven’t had one injury. His knowledge on training a 50 year old to a college athlete is impressive. My daughter (who played college soccer) is also training with Joe along with my 10 year old son. It’s amazing to see how he transforms a shy child into a confident athlete. I highly recommend him for all your training needs.”

– Marlene K.
“At Cutting Edge you get a trainer in Joe DiPietro who truly cares about you not only as an athlete, but as a person. I’ve been training at Cutting Edge for 5 years and have gained so much. Joe has helped me get to the top of my game on the ice, and I can’t thank him enough.”

– Andrew P.
“I worked with Joe my entire athletic career, which was roughly 9 years, and before that he worked with my father. I truly believe that my athletic career wouldn’t have been as successful as it was if I hadn’t put in the hours of hard work with Joe. The positive, professional, and energy filled environment is what sets the Cutting Edge apart from any other gym I’ve been to. Joe is passionate about his work and is always continuing to learn more to benefit his clients. His knowledge to tailor any workout to a specific sport is one of a kind and he cares about the successes of his athletes as if it were his own. The last and most important point, in my opinion, is that Joe helped me stay injury free my entire career by teaching me how to properly stretch and lift, always stressing technique.”

– Jennifer S.
“Joe is not only a OUTSTANDING trainer, I consider him family. I have been training with Joe for 5 years now and I can honestly say that I could not be happier with the workouts, atmosphere and results I am getting at The Cutting Edge. I trust Joe with my training because of how passionate he is to learn about his clients to make them healthier and stronger. He is always learning about new techniques and he has the ability to motivate anyone who walks into his gym. Joe is the real deal and there is no doubt in my mind that he is one of the best trainers out there. I have grown and developed so much through my training with Joe and he has had such a heavy influence on myself, physically, athletically and mentally.”

– Alexandra R.
“Joe transformed my 13 yr old daughter into a phenomenal athlete. He focused on speed, strength, agility, explosiveness and more to take her softball game to another level. She made the HS Varsity team in 7th grade this year was awarded Rookie of the Yr and made 2nd team. Our experience with Joe has been more than working out. He motivates, drives the right work ethic, talks about nutrition, and personally invests himself into each of the athlete’s success. I truly believe Joe and his crew were a huge part of my daughter’s success. Joe’s training is a permanent part of our plan to play for a D1 college.”

– Teresa C.
“As a Division 1 athlete I first went to Joe DiPietro at Cutting Edge looking to prepare myself for my upcoming season. I went for an hour each session and did great once I got to school. He is especially great if you are looking to improve something specific, he will make sure to do that for you. For example, I wanted to work on my speed and at the end of every session we make sure to do that and there is definitely a difference on the field that is quite noticeable after working with him. I enjoy my time workout with Joe at Cutting Edge!”

– Kelly F.
“Joe is a great trainer, teacher, and motivator. I did not believe him when he said that I could improve my golf game immensely in just one summer, but I trusted him and became a valuable member of my college golf team.”

– Kayla B.

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